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2010 Texas State Fair Tour of Fried Foods

This years tour of fried foods at the Texas State Fair was fun, filling, and at times painful.  Its always an experience and this years did not disappoint.  So here it is, a review of this years new foods as well as re-dos on some of our faves from years past.

The chicken fried bacon has been a favorite for the last two years.  But, this year they changed it again and it was awful.  It was like eating fried raw bacon.  The bacon literally was like biting into a thick raw piece of bacon fat.  It was nasty, and we coudn’t eat it.  Very disappointing after two years of greatness.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Fried Beer – Some one finally did it right.  This is actually fried beer, Shiner Bock to be precise.  They resemble little pizza rolls and inside each one is a little drink of quality beer.  Place the whole thing in your mouth or you will spill beer on you.  the crust was very salty and overwhelmed the beer flavor.  It tasted more like a pretzel than anything else.

Fried Texas Caviar – This was basically a cup of fried black eyed peas, and I’m not sure what to make of this.  It isn’t what I expected at all.  It was evidently a finalist this year, but really, it just reminded me very much of eating corn nuts with a black eyed peas flavor.  In other words, It was like eating dry seasoned gravel.  If you like corn nuts, you may like this, otherwise, it will remind you of a mouthful of rocks.

Deep Fried Chocolate – This is a battered and deep fried brownie and man is it good.  There is nothing like a hot gooey piece of decadent chocolate, and these little fried balls of chocolateyness did not disappoint.  They do not skimp on the volume either.  This item is extremely rich and will take you out of the game early if you try to consume the whole thing yourself.  More than enough to share with another person.

Fried Club Salad –  Outstanding!  From the people who brought us the bland fried grilled cheese sandwich, and the delicious fried peaches and cream, this creation was definitely the best of the day.  A club salad with what appeared to be some diced ham or turkey and wrapped in a green tortilla and very lightly battered and sprinked with parmesan.  In fact, it was barely fried at all.   The croutons were an unnecessary but very nice  and tasty touch.  It all looked great and tasted great.

Fried Coke – This also was not a new item this year but was one I have missed previously.  It was not bad at all, but again, it wasn’t that great either.  What you have here is some fried dough, not at all unlike your common donut hole, then some flat coke is poured over it, some whipped cream on top and voila, you have fried coke…or whatever.  I guess you could pour rootbeer on it and call it fried rootbeer as well.  Like I said before, the fried beer was actually fried beer, this on the other hand is your standard fried something else withe a flavor added on top.  Kind of cheating if you ask me…but I don’t make the rules.

Fried Cookie Dough – One of my favorite comfort foods is chocolate chip cookies, but cookie dough…not so much.  This item though, like the fried chocolate, was very good, very sweet, very rich, and will leave you feeling like you ate a 3 pound brick.  I ate this and the chocolate back to back very early in the day and almost did not recover.  It is a delicious fried stomach ache with a heavy dose of carb crash.  Make sure you share this pain with someone else.

Fried Cheese Curd – This is not a  new item this year, but it was for me.  I’m standing in line for something else when my wife walks up with it, and says “try these”.  I love cheese but “cheese curd” did not sound appetizing and two was all I could eat.  They were extremely greasy, chewy, chunks of cheese curd.  She liked them, but to me they were “cheese turds”.   Might have been better with some ranch, but maybe not.

Fried Frito Pie – Well this is what it was all about isn’t it.  This years winner for taste did not disappoint, and anyone that  knows me, knows I have a soft spot in my heart for frito pie.  I love it, and these little fried frito pie pods were oustanding.   My only complaint was that they could have had a little more fritos in them and maybe some cheese sprinkled on top…oh, and more of them would be good too.  They didn’t have to be so stingy with them.

Fried Guacomole – I know, I know, fried guacamole does not even sound remotely good.  But it was a surprise hit.  Not a new item, but was the first time I had seen it.  If you like guacamole, then you will likely enjoy this.  I expected the guac to be all black and nasty inside like some kind of greasy ruined guac mush, but turns out it was nice and green with a thick coat of greasy batter.  This is what the fried food stuff is all about and these guys did a fine job.  Well done old chaps.  Yummm.

Fried Lemonade – I really had high hopes for this one, but you know…meh.   Here we are again with some fried dough balls, but at least  these were lemon flavored cake balls, sitting in a cup with some lemony icing/syrup.  This might have been better to me if I had not already over dosed my sweet tooth on fried chocolate and cookie dough, but at this point in the day, the taste of artificial lemon flavoring and sugar just made me want to hurl…but being a good sport I ate it anyway.

Fried Margarita – Another finalist this year, the fried margarita was definitely one I was looking forward to.   Basically, it is funnel cake with tequila and margarita mix poured on it with whip cream and served in a margarita cup.   It wasn’t bad at all, but not great.  If you were expecting a big batter fried margarita, then keep looking.  If not, then give this a shot, but consume it quickly because the funnel cake goes soggy with the mixture real fast and turns to margarita mush.

Fried Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana Sandwich –  I reviewed this one last year and am doing it again this year because it is still awesome.   The people in the booth call it a “fried Elvis sandwich”, and I have no doubt the King would be proud to lay his hands on this fried delicacy. It is a classic and a must have if you are sampling fried foods at the fair.

Fried Pepperoni Pizza –  Holy cow was this a huge slice of deep fried pizza, then topped with marinara and parmesan.  I had never seen this at the fair and even though I was full to the point of being ill, I had to try it.  It was really good and tasted exactly like chicken parmesan, only it was pizza.  I really wish I could have enjoyed it more, but I was down for the count and the smell of marinara when you are toeing the line of nausea is not really a good idea.

Fried S’More Poptart –  First, I do not like poptarts and never have.  I was very hesitant on this one, but it was a finalist, and the only one from this year I had not tried yet.  Therefore, I had no choice but to move forward and I was glad I did.  It was actually pretty good and I probably have about 10 new cavities to show for it.

Well, this concludes our 2010 Texas State Fair Tour of Fried Foods.  It was a fun ride today, and I am sick to my stomach as a result.  I brought my Tums and recommend the same for anyone else indulging in a hard core fried food bonanza.  It won’t stop the pain, but it sure helps keep me from feeling like I am dying or my chest is going to explode into flames.

I ate a lot, I walked a lot, and now I am going to sleep a lot, and probably other stuff too.  I hope this review helps, and recommend that you check out my other post from 2008 that will have additional fried items on it that you may want to try.


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