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Obama, McCain, Politics, Partisanship, the media, and the Great Hypocrisy

As expected, this election year has so far been an interesting if not humorous circus with the usual suspects and antagonizing cast of characters. There are of course the politicians, all slinging their profound words of political wisdom around and posturing for the voters on how they are the more stand-up and qualified guy…or woman, to lead this country into its next four years. Its the normal “baby kissing”, hand shaking photo op BS that they have all done for many years.

‘Here you go senator, put on this hard hat, sit down for breakfast in this country cafe and small-talk with the little people so they will think you give a damn and are one of them.’

The media, God Bless Them, are the biggest group of circus clown hypocrites in the entire show. While the politicians are throwing knives, swallowing swords, and doing impressive tight-wire acts, the media clowns are running around the arena and falling all over each other to get the attention of the audience.

What ever happened to fair and unbiased reporting? The tricky answer is nothing happened to it because it never existed. “Fair” or “Unbiased” reporting is the stuff that myths, folklore, and fairy tales are made of. But the media need not fear for there is a medium of information and news even more ridiculous than their own newspapers and TV talk shows.

Viral email propaganda is a wild and wondrous phenomenon filled with curious half-facts, plain lies, and inane jokes that are sure to captivate the attention of a vast culture of village idiots and actually sway their votes. Largely utilized by Republicans I get crap-loads of this partisan spam forwarded to me from many different people.   While they are often humorous email, I am aware that some people actually believe the anti-Obama or anti-Democrat garbage in these emails from total strangers. Case in point, I have received on more than one occasion an email that portrays Obama as un-American for painting his campaign airplane and removing the American Flag from it. I have advised the senders and everyone on the mailing list that McCain’s plane does not have an American flag either and does not even have American colors on it…I guess that makes him a communist? Unfortunately, no one responded to me, and I doubt that my email ever got forwarded on. Dang it!

The sad thing is that the poor GOP is simply reduced to passing their goofy propaganda through viral emails because they can’t get two words squeezed into the democratically controlled newspapers. I am going to take a wild guess that almost all of the newspaper media, and much of the TV media are Democrats? Actually, its kind of obvious. They are like a bunch of love-sick dogs humping the leg of Obama with eyes all lolled back in their heads and slinging slobber off their big stupid tongues with each passionate hump. It is quite sickening and painfully obvious who they want to hump and who they want to bite.

Geez, sometimes one just wishes they would all just get a room, because some of us are getting tired of watching the blatant “public display of affection”.

Another example for you from the other side of the fence…Let’s suppose, just for a moment, that Obama, and not McCain, had been the one to suggest delaying the debate to focus on resolving the economy crisis and proposed “bail-out” packages. How would the story have been reported in the papers then? I will GUARANTEE you that Obama would have been hailed by the media as a conscientious super-hero putting country before politics while McCain was playing partisan politics and trickery.

You see, It is not “what” is said that is important, but rather “who” says it, which then leads to how any statement made by either party can be spun in favor of the democratic leg that is being humped. That is a fact of life, politics, and the media.

About all the GOP has going for it in the media is Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Shawn Hannity, who are all a bunch of ego-maniacal windbags I wouldn’t want on my team anyway, but at least they are right up front and honest about the fact that they are biased Republicans and make no beans about it…they are still clowns just the same though.

This is a dangerous and volatile time in our history. No one knows what the future will hold, but I certainly hope it doesn’t hold a country full of people slapping themselves in the head in retrospect with a resounding “D’OH!”

Just remember…if you read it in the newspaper or read it on the internet, then by God it must be True as the sky is blue. When your done with that, I have some ocean front property in Nevada I want to talk to you about.

That is my brilliant opinion and I am sticking with it…until the media says something fair and unbiased…which means forever.


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  1. Not so fast. If Obama had been the first to suggest the bailout, they would have jumped all over him with the usual big government, big spending accusations they always try to use to define the Democrats. I’m astonished that more of the Republicans aren’t screaming about the government buying banks, which may be necessary, but isn’t the American way. And let’s remember that for every high risk mortgage, there is a loan officer who was so interested in his own commissions that he’d fudge the numbers or hide the fact that the borrower wasn’t employed. Why aren’t we talking about them?

    Comment by MAM | October 15, 2008

  2. You make a valid point, but Obama suggesting a “bail out” is not what I was suggesting. My point was that if Obama had been the one to suggest delaying the campaign and/or the debate to focus on resolving the crisis, then the spin would have been different from the media than it had been for McCain.

    The media loves Obama, and that is plain and visible. he is a swell guy. What’s not to like about him?

    I agree on loan officers and their own personal interest. That is the nature of the beast and occurs in all areas of the “sales” arena whether it be cars, homes, or whatever.

    However, rewind to the early to mid 90s and you will find a very well-intended housing legislation bill that was signed in, that would make it easier for people to get into homes…and a sub-prime baby was born. Seemed innocent enough at the time, but now the baby has grown up at the hands of a greedy industry parenting it. The innocent baby became the monster that turned to devour the industry that obviously lacked the skills and responsibility to raise it the right way.

    There is accountability all the way around, dating from the time the whole thing was born.

    Comment by spitzit | October 15, 2008

  3. Nice blog. I think it shows that there are moderates out there that truly see both sides of the coin. In this election especially, I have seen a lot of polarization & I think your blog proves there are actually people out there that do research with a skeptical eye.

    I will say that one example of biased reporting/spin from my side of the coin was that when the video of Sarah Palin being saved from witch craft was posted all around…no one other than super liberals were worried by this. Whereas if there was some video of Obama being saved from witchcraft from an African witch doctor the campaign would have been OVER for him.
    Although, as one of those super liberals I thought, “we have freedom of religion, right?” even if I think its hocus pocus?

    Comment by Candy | October 21, 2008

  4. Wow. And all this time I thought I was a super liberal.

    I’m sure with you on the freedom of hocus pocus. Colin Powell got major points for addressing the Obama is a Muslim rumors, “What we should be asking is… so what if he was?” It’s very positive for me to see a non-anglo president in my lifetime. It’s a step toward this country growing up a little bit.

    Comment by MAM | October 22, 2008

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